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New Righteously Raw WebsiteMuch has happened here at Earth Source Organics since we last wrote.

We owe a great thanks to Johnie Symons, our new webmaster, who undertook the daunting task of resurrecting our old website and turning it into a topnotch informative tribute to our company. Everyone should check it out at

We're excited to be introducing three great new product lines at the upcoming Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Md., Sept. 22-24th. (Read more about the bite-sized pieces, the chocolate-dipped macaroons and the exotic Aztec beverage in the accompanying article or at our newly revamped website.)

Our favorite chocolatier, Aaron Brener, has successfully undergone removal of an esophageal cancer. It had been diagnosed as stage 4. He's doing remarkably well and expects to be back at work in a few weeks, hopefully by the time this goes out!

Besides providing our employees 100-percent health insurance coverage, we offer them paid vacation, paid holidays, sick leave, and Worker's Comp. Also, our break room is stocked with food and beverages every week. In return, our team brings us an amazing work ethic, positive vibrations and loyalty to company mission and staff.

Our Righteously Raw chocolate line and our co-packing efforts are continuing to grow and we're more blessed and grateful than ever to be able to provide the world with healthy and delicious food.

Thank you for being our customers,
Blessings and peace,
Audrey Darrow

Three Righteously Raw chocolate treats to be introduced at the Natural Products Expo East Show

Natural Products Expo East ShowWhen we open booth number 2714 in the Organic Pavilion at the Natural Products Expo East Show in Baltimore, Md., Sept. 22-24th we'll be launching three new product lines. These newest confection treats include Raw Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Rawcholatl (Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink) and three, bite sized, individually wrapped chocolates that come in Divine Mint, Synergy Spice and Pure Dark flavors.

As with all Righteously Raw products, these new delights are produced to our standard high quality and are certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, allergen and nut free and non-GMO. All these exciting gourmet adventures will be featured in the Expo's New Product Showcase as well as at our booth, and we are in the 25-percent off Club for show orders only. If you're in the area, drop by and check us out.

Much of the inspiration for these exciting new products comes from the folks that distribute our wares. For the past couple years, they've told us that their customers keep asking for just such items. We listened and we're very happy to be introducing your requests.

The Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Rawcholatl beverage and bite size chocolates all are made with a new low glycemic sweetener called coconut palm nectar and are packed with super foods, spices and of course, our famous Righteously Raw chocolate.

Beside their savory taste, the new products are high in cancer fighting anthrocyans, polyphenols and contain powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients and helps promote a healthy immune system.

After the Expo, look for our health oriented products wherever Earth Source Organics' Righteously Raw Bars are sold around the world.

Check out our new website!

Thanks to the considerable effort and talent of Johnie Symons, our new webmaster, Earth Source Organics is proud to unveil our completely revamped website. In bringing it online in early August, Johnie has gone to great pains not only to make our website attractive and informative, he's gone the extra mile to make it interactive.

The aim of the site is to keep you, our cherished clients and friends, up to date on everything we're doing and up to speed on much of what's going on in the raw food world that effects them.

Our new store finder is up and running so, no matter where you're located, you can find our Righteously Raw products nearby. And, don't forget, you can get free chocolate just for referring us to your favorite neighborhood store.

Don't delay, go online and check it out.

Earth Source Organics joins the cause

Earth Source Organics supports Organic Consumers Association (OCA) as they step up their efforts to fight Monsanto, label genetically engineered foods, preserve strict organic standards and expand the organic market. Their aim also includes helping reverse global warming before it's too late.

OCA's ongoing efforts include drives to: Stop Monsanto's new sweet corn; Support current pending state laws to label genetically engineered foods, including asking New York, West Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Oregon, North Carolina, Maryland and Illinois state legislators to label GMOs; Demand no free pass for new genetically engineered crops; Demand justice for the victims of Agent Orange; Get Food Inc. out of the Organic Trade Association; Tell the President, VP, Congress & FDA to label GMOs; Abolish Monsanto's new "drought-resistant" corn: Tell USDA, "Don't approve failure;" Ask Trader Joe's to label GMOs; Stop USDA's plans for Monsanto to police itself ; Stop factory farming of "organic" eggs & chicken; Stop genetically modified "humanized" milk cows; and Ask state legislators to label GE salmon, to name a few.

As you can see, OCA, along with other concerned individuals and grassroots organizations, have embarked on a monumental crusade. Each of us owes it to our kids, and their kids, to help their cause in any and every way we can. At the very least, they need our financial help to keep the movement going. You can hop on board here. While you're there, check out all the info their website has to offer. It's a real eye-opener.

 Organic Consumers Association

Try our version of the food of the gods


RAWCHOLATL - THE ANCIENT AZTEC CACAO SPICE DRINKRecommended served warm, about 106 degrees F, this delicious and relaxing beverage was blended to revive keen insights of the ancient Aztec tribe of Central America.

Passed from generation to generation, our take on this blessed drink brings you the sensational benefits of antioxidant rich cacao and the powerful digestion aid blend of spices to create a tasty healthful experience.

The cacao in this hearty beverage is abundant in antioxidants and flavonoids, it improves blood flow throughout the body while reducing blood pressure. And, like other of our new products, it's known for mood enhancement.

At the same time, the spices included have been shown to help suppress appetite, aid in relieving nausea, indigestion and cold and fever.

Raw and organic ingredients include: Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Nectar, Mesquite Pod Meal Powder, Black Sesame Seeds, Aji Amarillo Powder, Aji Panca Powder, Vanilla Powder, Cinnamon Powder and Allspice.

Try it on one of these upcoming chilly Autumn mornings.

Check us out on video

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Righteously Raw News Corner

Since our last newsletter, we've added more than 60 new stores where you can find our excellent munchies. Sadly, with so many fine folks coming on board to represent us, we can't give you all their names. Just remember, go to our new website and click on the store finder. The way it's going, chances are great that we're closer than you think.

Growing Worldwide

Righteously Raw's network reaches coast to coast, border to border and across the seas.

Click on the raw chocolate bars below for a store near you.

Find raw chocolate

No store near you? No problem. You can Order online!

Since you're all reading this by way of our e-letter, we thought you might be interested to know that Earth Source Organics' Righteously Raw bars are also available through online distributors!

Three of the largest are Sunfood on the West Coast, Natural Zing on the East Coast and the newly added Raw Guru in the Midwest. Click on the links to check out their websites.

Cambridge research team adds to chocolate health evidence

Chocolate squares

In Great Britain, University of Cambridge researchers published solid evidence associating chocolate consumption with improved heart and vascular health.

Along with several factors including diet, exercise, body weight control and lifestyle changes, Dr. Oscar Franco and his team published in the prestigious British Medical Journal that antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa from chocolate consumption could reduce heart disease risk by one-third and could also reduce the risk of sudden death from a heart attack and stroke incidence.

To learn more, visit

Nominated for
"Favorite Vegan Chocolate"

Once again the annual selection process is underway at's Veggie Awards competition. Righteously Raw™ was nominated again this year for "Favorite Vegan Chocolate" in the 2011 Veggie Awards.

Veggie Awards

Voting closed at the end of August so unfortunately we'll just have to wait and see how we fared when the results in are posted in their upcoming Nov-Dec issue. Rest assured, we'll let you know how we do.

Each year more folks find out about us and more folks pass along the news of our conscientious goodness. Win, lose or draw, we're proud to know that we're the real winners whenever one of you tries us out and joins our rapidly growing ranks of Righteously Raw fans and fanatics.

Bite these!!

Bite-sized raw chocolateDue to an overwhelming bite sized demand for more of Righteously Raw's pure cacao treats, Earth Source Organics is pleased to announce our new bite-sized chocolate line. These consciously developed pieces stay true to our mission of bringing the darkest, antioxidant rich, cacao we can possibly bring to the world while not sacrificing taste and still maintaining strong health benefits.

The three amazing bite-sized flavors are:

SYNERGY SPICE Which is formulated with 80-percent Raw Cacao, and helps to suppress appetite and aids in relief from nausea, indigestion, cold and fever. Its raw and organic ingredients include Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Nectar, Vanilla Powder, Aji Panca Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Lucuma Powder and Cayenne Powder.

PURE DARK Made with a whopping 83-percent Raw Cacao, it's abundant in antioxidants and flavonoids, improves blood flow throughout the body, reduces blood pressure and is known for mood enhancement. The raw and organic ingredients include Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Nectar and Vanilla Powder.

DIVINE MINT This cool treat incorporates 82-percent Raw Cacao with its other raw and organic ingredients to aid in relief from indigestion and upset stomach, help clear nasal passages and relieve cold and flu symptoms. Also it can help calm the mind and body. Its raw and organic ingredients include Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Nectar, Vanilla Powder and Essential Peppermint Oil.

Way too good ...

Coconut macaroon trufflesUsing some of the most macaroon nutritious superfoods on the planet, these unique coconut macaroon truffles give you everything you could ask for.

Coated with a healthy dose of our award winning raw cacao (80-percent) and packed with raw sun-dried coconut, these treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Coconut has been shown to increase energy and endurance, support bone and tooth development and promote healthy skin and complexion.

Raw and organic ingredients include Shredded Coconut, Cacao Butter, Coconut Palm Nectar, Cacao Powder, Agave Nectar, Coconut Oil, Chia Seed and Vanilla Powder.

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