Note from Audrey

Well it’s that time again….. and on saying that, it’s surreal to think just how fast that "time" goes by. Already, 2012 has been an interesting and exciting period for us here at Earth Source Organics. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our good friend and valued employee, Aaron Brener, who passed away January 7 after a valiant fight with cancer.

After Aaron’s passing, his son, Adam, who was our director of business development, decided to embark on a new path. We wish him all the best on his new journey.

However, right on the heels of Adam’s loss, we’d like to welcome a bright new light in our newest employee, Derek Kline, who assumes the positionDerek of administrative assistant, helping Brittany England, our head of operations. Among his duties will be to help our sales manager, Dan England, and me with the business development responsibilities vacated when Adam left. Derek fits in here like a glove and has learned nearly everything in his first week, hitting the phones and picking up new accounts in his "spare" time. We’re excited that he's joined our team. I feel fortunate to have attracted such wonderful people who share my passion and excitement for our business.

On a personal note, I spent the last three months with my family getting my father back into the swing of things as he has been through some very serious health problems. We are blessed to have him home and getting healthy again.

2012 is looking great for us, with chocolate selling like crazy of course!! I look forward to a hugely successful and joyful year and I wish all of our customers, buyers and friends the same.

Even when things look bleak outside there is always a light shining somewhere. Get under the light and let the light bring you joy, prosperity and peace.

Blessings and peace,
Audrey DarrowAudrey

Passing it on

Over the past few years most of you have become fans of our many yummy cacao products. In fact, more than a few of you have surpassed the "fan" category and joined the ranks of Righteously Raw FANatics

We’re justifiably proud of the relationship our goodies has developed with you, our loyal customers. Whether it’s been our flagship cacao bars, the Maca, Goji, Açaí and Caramel Cacao and the wildly popular Rose Bar with its distinctive Maqui flavor, or our bite-sized treats, Divine Mint, Pure Dark and Synergy Spice, our scrumptious Coconut Macaroons or our exotic Rawcholatl Cacao Spice drink, your response has been overwhelmingly gratifying. In a nutshell, you seem to like our stuff and we’re proud and excited because of it.

There’s another aspect of our business that, on the face of it, may not appear exciting - our co-packaging partnerships. And, we’re really high on them and their potential. At the same time Righteously Raw has been dedicated to producing the finest, highest quality, organic raw chocolate products, our parent company, Earth Source Organics, has been helping other excellent food producers with their packaging and marketing efforts to get their products out to discerning customers.

In our certified organic, vegan and kosher facility, where we manufacture and package our own products in a dedicated gluten, allergen and nut free environment, we also share our production capabilities with other conscientious companies and foster relationships to help bring their high-quality, certified foods to the community.

We are able to offer these small companies the opportunity to have their products co-packed in the Earth Source facility, thereby giving them the capability to build their product lines without all the overhead costs.

As part of the attractive package, we offer significant assistance in all facets of building new business:

  • Act as a broker Co-Packaging
  • Help secure labeling
  • Provide packaging and design and ingredient sourcing
  • Offer consultation throughout the certification process

Earth Source Organics’ aim is to satisfy an increasingly health-conscious society by providing high quality, all natural foods. Our goal is to produce products that are good for the community. Our success is reflected by our top quality manufacturing processes, a growing distribution chain and impressive portfolio of certifications.

From time to time, we’ll be showcasing products both here in our newsletter and in our website.

Frankenfood for Breakfast?

More and more, when consumers hit the cereal aisle in their favorite food market, they’re looking for wholesome products that are, at once, good for the family, tasty and good for the environment. So we look for cereals that are "organic" or "natural," right?

Wrong. Fancy marketing campaigns specifically designed to trick consumers into believing that these two terms essentially mean the same thing are in play every time you see a cereal box. But the true difference between "natural" and "organic" is huge.

In fact, Federal law requires that organic food products be produced promoting ecological sustainability, without the toxic inputs and genetically engineered ingredients common in the conventional food system.In fact, Federal law requires that organic food products be produced promoting ecological sustainability, without the toxic inputs and genetically engineered ingredients common in the conventional food system.

Increasingly, organic products are forced to compete with products that claim to be "natural."

There are no restrictions for foods labeled "natural" (very basic standards exist only for meat products). The term often constitutes nothing more than meaningless marketing hype promoted by corporate interests seeking to cash in on the consumer desire for food produced in a genuinely sustainable manner.

Unlike the organic label, no government agency, certification group or other independent entity fully defines the term "natural" on processed food packages or ensures that the claim has merit.

So, where does that leave us there in the cereal aisle, cash in hand and cart empty, trying to solve the riddle? The Cornucopia Institute recently published an exhaustive survey detailing the factual merits of a significant number of so-called natural and organic cereals available today. While their 50-page report goes into great detail, we’re still stuck in that aisle so check out the handy list they put together by following the link above.

Earth Source Organics Distribution Partner:

Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal

"The Healthiest Convenience Food on the Planet"

Vigilant Eats Superfood Oat-Based Cereal

Vigilant Eats convenient organic Superfood oat-based cereal cup. Just add 6 oz's. of water for a 9 oz. serving that is far more substantial than an energy bar.


  1. Remove lid
  2. Remove enclosed folding-spoon
  3. Add water and stir

OMG it's GMO!

Labeling - how to recognize genetically modified produce - sometimes.

GMO OMG WTF are we eating? Despite repeated efforts by concerned consumers to change the fact, the FDA still does not require genetically modified food to be labeled. That’s apparently because those responsible for providing such information figure that most consumers don’t care if the tomato they’re eating has been crossbred with frog genes to render it more resistant to cold weather.

For those evidently misguided souls who do care if they’re eating such altered fare, the Price Look-Up code (PLU) is one potential way to determine if the fruits and vegetables you’re buying have been genetically modified (as well as if they are organic.) This valuable information is found on those annoying, but artistic little stickers you find on store-bought produce. The system is administered by the International Federation for Produce Standards, an affiliate of the Produce Marketing Association. Unfortunately, a word of caution is advised. Adherence to these PLU standards is purely voluntary, including the decision to label produce as organic or genetically modified.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s the way it works.

On conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, (that grown with chemical input), the PLU code on the sticker consists of four numbers, while organically grown has a five-numeral PLU code prefaced by the number 9.

Finally, genetically modified produce has a five-numeral PLU code prefaced by the number 8.

GMO OMG WTF are we eating?For example:

A conventionally grown banana would be: 4011

An organic banana would be: 94011

A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana would be: 84011

If you want more eye-opening reasons why these tips are important to you and your family’s menu planning, consider the following. According to Monsanto company patents, 93 percent of soybeans and 80 percent of corn in the U.S. is grown from genetically modified seeds. In the US alone, over 80 percent of all processed foods contain these genetically engineered products. Other potential culprits include grains like rice, corn and wheat; legumes like soybeans and soy products; vegetable oils, soft drinks; salad dressings; vegetables and fruits; dairy products including eggs; meat, chicken, pork and other animal products; and even infant formula plus a vast array of hidden additives and ingredients in processed foods (like in tomato sauce, ice cream, margarine and peanut butter). Consumers don’t know what they’re eating because labeling is prohibited.

Earth Source Organics supports the efforts of the Organic Consumers Organization in rectifying the glaring labeling inequities.

Oh yeah, if you'd like one of the T-Shirts accompanying this article, click on either of the pictures and you'll be whisked magically away to their site.

And finally, thanks to

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Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars

Righteously Raw News Corner

Physician-Scientist, Dr. Beatrice Golomb, recently stated that, "Eating chocolate frequently is linked to lower weight." Dr. Golomb, an associate professor of medicine at UC San Diego, went on to say that, "Although rich in sugar and fat, chocolate appears to have "favorable metabolic effects." Fewer calories end up as fat deposited in the body." Dr. Beatrice Golomb, and UC San Diego's Sabrina Koperski published a paper Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine where they detailed their findings.

Also in the news this week: The American Chemical Society announced that they will devote a panel to the health benefits of chocolate and cocoa at their meeting this week in San Diego.

We got the Bite Me bump

FoodSpring Bite ThisWe’re always happy to pass along good press, especially when it comes from as prestigious a source as, a website for foodies that accurately describes itself as a "gateway to food adventure."

On their great site Eva Meszaros recently reviewed our yummy bars in Foodspring's Bite-Me section saying, "If you haven’t tried Righteously Raw chocolate, you’ve never had chocolate in its purest form. Earth Source Organic’s line of gourmet chocolate bars continues to innovate with raw chocolate, boasting a bounty of features: certified organic, kosher and vegan; gluten-, soy- and GMO-free, and made with no refined sugars in a nut-free facility. Its latest flavor, Rose Bar, has the rich sweetness of maqui berries, raspberries and beets and raw, nutrient-rich ingredients. Raw means none of the nutrients and antioxidants have been cooked away, so you’ll really soak up all the benefits of these wholesome chocolate bars. Other Righteously Raw flavors include Acai, Caramel, Goji and the Maca Bar."

Check the article out online. While you’re at it, look around - has some great stuff!

Hey Mikey, You LIKE 'em!

Righteously Raw Chocolate BarsIn an atmosphere where food producers spend big bucks on advertising calculated to convince consumers first to try, and then to continue buying their wares, we’ve found it best to just let our satisfied friends tell it like it is. Here is this quarter’s crop of folks who don’t have any problem letting us - and the world - know how much they’re enjoying their Righteously Raw experience.

Hannah Richardson told us, "I just want to say an incredibly BIG THANK YOU!!!! You guys are awesome!!!! It is so hard to find a good, healthy treat that does not contain sugar. I am so happy I found your product. Keep up the good work and God Bless You guys!!!!"

Rosemary Woodward said, "Yum!!! I am trying the Rose Bar for the first time, and it is just lovely... Your bars are absolutely exquisite!"

That Randi Berardi is another one of our fans who appear to get a little weird around our treats was made evident when she noted, "Just ate almost a whole açai bar....omg...sleeping with smilez tonight : )"

Sheila Romane not only found yummy taste but inspiration. "Absolutely in love with these bars! Audrey, your story and life is an inspiration and I’m thrilled for your success with such a delicious and healthful product. It was a pleasure meeting you a few weeks back at the Temecula Slow Foods event."

Charity Goss Comeaux boiled it down to, "Man, these things are good! ...and raw. :o)"

The folks at H2M said, "Since we opened our Health and Wellness StoreBite Sized Raw Chocolates in Georgetown KY, this chocolate has been a great hit with our customers; We love this stuff! High Frequency Raw Chocolate really makes you feel like a million bucks...Thanks guys"

Derik Mcintosh said, "Best Chocolate.. By Far.. Just ate a Maqui bar.. Unbeatable.. "

Some of our customers positively glow in their comments. For instance, Ash Ritter said, "Oh my goodness, the rose bar is wonderful.... e& e& e&." Kiki Love observed, "BEST raw chocolate bar ever!!!!! i love love love these!!! thank you!" And Nathan Sterling wrote, "Yay! my first chocolate order just came in. I can’t wait to spread the goodness... clearly the tastiest chocolate ever. Thanks Righteously Raw :)"

Reps at the Isla Vista Food Co-op pointed out, "Oh yum. Have you tried the Righteously Raw Rose Bar yet? It’s very different from their other bars: this one is sweet and tangy, kind of like lil’ Jaymie Rose herself! Try one today. It’s flavored with maqui berry, which promotes anti-aging and immune system power!"

The Minglement, Vashon Island’s all natural health, food and grocery store sent the following. "Just had a caramel bar with the morning cup of coffee! Sometimes ya just got to have some chocolate for breakfast. Thanks for a great product!"

We’ll stop there - but you surely don’t have to. As Dean Martin used to say "Keep those cards and letters coming in folks." (Probably the first, and maybe only, time you’ll ever see Dean-o quoted in a publication dedicated to wholesome raw food products.)

Benefits of dark chocolate

Fans of Righteously Raw’s family of raw chocolate goodies are no strangers to the many health (and social) benefits of dark chocolate. But, we thought we’d list the results of an article we found from Mike Adams at reiterating some of them.

Raw Chocolate ORAC Score 167

Cardiac and stroke protection : Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, which lowers risks of heart attack and stroke.

Reduces risk of colon cancer : Cocoa polyphenols from dark chocolate reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Healthy fats :The fat in chocolate does little to raise cholesterol. It contains abundant oleic acid, the type of fatty acid found in olive oil, which helps prevent heart disease and promote antioxidant activity.

Enhances glucose metabolism : Dark chocolate (70 percent plus) candy bars inhibit blood sugar issues to help prevent diabetes and obesity.

Improves mood : Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains serotonin and increases endorphin production. It’s a natural antidepressant.

Improves brain function : MRI analysis has detected improved brain activity in people who had just consumed cocoa drinks.

Eases symptoms associated with PMS : The true definition of the word "benefit."

There you have it: many reasons to enjoy organic dark chocolate that is at least 70 percent cacao. There are brands with 80 percent to 90 percent as well. These aren’t your kiddy chocolates with lots of sugar or milk or creamy nougat fillings, etc. They are semi-sweet at best.

The more bitter the better. It’s not difficult to get used to if you really like chocolate. Enjoy chocolate with the knowledge that it’s actually good for you.

You are what you eat

If we could just figure out what that is

We re-published this feature from Just Label It on our website some time ago. In the scope of much of the conversation in this quarter’s newsletter, it retains its pertinence.

"The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires the FDA to prevent consumer deception by clarifying that a food label is misleading if it omits significant, "material" information. In 1992 however, the FDA issued a policy statement that defined "material" by the ability to be sensed by taste, smell, or other senses. The FDA determined that GE Foods were "substantially equivalent" to conventionally produced foods, so there was no material difference – and no labeling was required. After almost 20 years, this policy is still in effect today."

If you want to learn more about Just Label It and their efforts, click on their logo below.


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