Note from Audrey

Wow! What a year this has been so far! My father, Harold Smith, passed away a month ago. He and my mom, Joann, were the people who made this business happen by investing his and my mom’s life savings in me after I went through my cancer.

Dad loved this business so much that every morning he’d call me with about what seemed like hundreds of questions (many the same as the day before.) Sometimes, my patience wore thin but I hung in there and tried to answer each one. What I’d give now to again hear his voice asking those repetitive questions.

Dad’s severe heart and kidney problems rendered the last six months of his life just short of awful. However, even in the face of that devastating physical onslaught, I believe that this business, with its constant growth, was what kept him going mentally and emotionally. While there is no doubt that he loved his grand-kids and great grand-kids, interest in our business and all that it achieved helped keep him going - and questioning. I’m not sure he cared as much about the answers as he did the questions but I always respected him enough to take the time to answer everything I could.

I know my Dad is watching over me every day and is now enjoying the growth without the pain and discomfort his illness brought him. I‘m grateful that he got to see our successes while he was here with us on this earth plane and I’m excited for what his spiritual journey has in store as he continues on.

With Dad’s passing, my Mom has assumed his position on our board of directors. It’s exciting for her to play a larger part and I’m happy that she has agreed to take part in the experience and fill the spot Dad has left for her.

Finally, thank you all for acknowledging my father today and recognizing how much love and support went into this chocolate company.

Blessings and peace,
Audrey DarrowAudrey

Back on the GMO bandwagon

At Earth Source Organics, we are pledged and dedicated to making sure that no taint of genetically modified ingredients ever finds its way into our products.

Unfortunately, while there are many small and conscientious food producers like us that adhere rigorously to this policy, there is a veritable tidal wave of producers whose bottom line is profit and profit only. Due to this preponderance of greed and the virtually unassailable power of the mega-entities that advocate GMOs and their use, we appear to be tiny voices in the wilderness.

So, we’ve decided to keep squeaking - and squeaking as loudly as we can.

Genetically modified foods primarily are derived from genetically modified organisms which have had their DNA intentionally changed. This practice has occurred even though FDA scientists have repeatedly warned about potential health problems associated with them since the early 1990s. Among their likely effects are hard-to-detect allergies, poisons, genetic transfer to inherent natural gut bacteria and a plethora of unknown nutritional problems.

Genetically modified foods have often been associated with some of the strangest diseases including Morgellon’s disease, a condition that involves symptoms like the feeling of crawling black speckled materials under the skin. Many patients having this disease have also reported short term memory loss, change in vision and mental confusion.

The greatest impediment to sensible policy and regulation that would protect the health of the world’s population is, as always, money. Scientific fact has never seemed to deter big agribusiness when it threatens to interfere with their almighty profit margin.

This danger is further compounded by the superficial and largely incompetent safety and monitoring control systems that are in place worldwide.

A world renowned biologist, Pushpa M. Bhargava, has concluded that GMOs are major contributors to the sharply declining health of Americans. And the American Academy of Environmental Medicine has denounced the use of GM foods as a threat to humans.

Even in the face of mounting evidence against their sane use, production and sale of GMO’s continues and it is left to consumers to decide whether it is suitable for consumption.

We're Redesigning our Rawcholatl & Raw Coconut Macaroon Labels

Your opinion matters to us!

We are in the process of creating new Rawcholatl and Raw Coconut Macaroon labels and would greatly appreciate your opinions and ideas.

Raw Coconut Macaroon label
Please click here to share your opinion.

If you haven’t tried our Raw Coconut Macaroons yet you’re in for a real taste treat, and, as a bonus, they are a healthy alternative to candy/cookies so you never have to feel guilty about eating them. Righteously Raw Coconut Macaroons use some of the most nutritious superfoods available anywhere. They combine a coconut macaroon truffle center with an 80-percent raw cacao shell for a taste treat that is out of this world and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Raw Coconut Macaroon Ingredients: shredded coconut, cacao butter, coconut palm nectar, cacao powder, agave nectar, coconut oil, chia seed, vanilla powder.

They are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher, antioxidant rich, low glycemic, Non GMO, contain no refined sugars. They are produced in a nut free facility and are soy and allergen free.

(And, we promise that the chia seed will not cause green hair to grow all over your body.)

Rawcholatl label
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Rawcholatl is our take on an ancient Aztec cacao drink that is made from anti-oxidant-rich raw cacao and a special blend of spices that combined, creates a relaxing, tasty and healthful experience while providing a powerful digestion aid.

Rawcholatl Ingredients: cacao powder, coconut palm sugar, mesquite pod meal powder, black sesame seeds, aji amarillo powder, aji panca powder, vanilla powder, cinnamon powder, allspice.

They are certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher, antioxidant rich, low glycemic, Non GMO, contain no refined sugars. They are produced in a nut free facility and are soy and allergen free.

More good chocolate health news!

Chocolate Smiley Face If you're as into chocolate as we are, you know that you can go on line, or listen to the news, or read countless articles and find seemingly endless reports of how good, or bad, chocolate, in its multitude of forms, is for us.

Over the years it's gone from the old (and still popularly believed) myth that it causes zits to being hailed as a paragon among superfoods for its healthy benefits.

A recent report aired on NPR told of a study from the University of California at San Diego that asked participants how often they consumed chocolate in a week's time. They were then asked to complete food frequency questionnaires to estimate their caloric intakes of a whole range of foods including chocolate. They also had weight and height measurement taken to calculate their body mass index, or BMI.

What they found was that, although frequent chocolate eaters consumed more calories, they tended to have lower BMIs.

This is not to say that the newest miracle cure for obesity is to head out to the market and stock up on cases of Hershey bars or even bags of raw cacao nibs. What it does suggest is that our bodies may not treat all calories the same way. And, that those from chocolate may influence metabolic rates more positively than do other calorie sources. Indeed, there is some evidence that phenols found in chocolate may potentially inhibit an enzyme the helps the body digest dietary fat. In essence, that fat exits the body before it has the chance to be absorbed.

Of course, the study has as many detractors as proponents, but it is reassuring that this study was not funded by the chocolate industry but rather from the National Institute of Health; the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; and the UC San Diego General Clinical Research Center.

And so, in the end, it is as it's always been. It comes down to common sense. If you're a chocolate lover, don't feel guilty about it - or at least feel somewhat reassured that evidence is mounting that your favorite food might be better for you than previously supposed. And, it probably won't cause zits.

Read (or listen to) the entire NPR article here.

Earth Source Organics Co-Packaging Partner:

Wholesome Chow's

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Wholesome Chow Organic Gluten Free & Vegan Baking Mixes

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The team that makes it all happen

Earth Source Organics Team

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Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars

Earth Source joins forces to
help returning vets program

Earth Source Organics proudly announced its participation in the Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training Program (VSAT), a new and exciting program aimed at helping returning veterans develop the essential agricultural skills and knowledge to start their own businesses.

The brainchild of three-tour Iraq veteran Colin Archipley, and his wife, Karen, of Archi's Acres farm in Escondido Calif., VSAT is a six-week training program which teaches fundamentals of sustainable organic farming as well as basic principles on how to develop a business plan.

We're glad to be in a position where we will be able to assist many of the VSAT graduates in packaging, marketing and other areas of their fledgling enterprises.

The program is offered through Mira Costa College in Oceanside, Calif. For more information, contact them here

More Righteously Raw Tidbits

ShaneWe have the pleasure of introducing Shane Greis, Co-Packing lead who works with our co-packaging partners and is indispensable in helping out with our production as well.

Our new Bite Size treats can now be found on the shelf at all Whole Foods Southern Region stores.

We made a great showing at the annual Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Festival at California's Balboa Park on June 15.

Mommy knows best

In her food (and other stuff) blog, the Frugal Mommie of Two took the time to comment on her experience with some of our tasty offerings.

Bite Sized Raw Chocolates"Righteously Raw Chocolate is a very unique type of chocolate. The idea behind this chocolate is that nothing in it is cooked. It is pretty much left in the most natural state as possible. If you are used to overly sweetened chocolate this is very different. It is a very intense flavored chocolate that is very lightly sweetened. You really can taste the cocoa flavor in it. Righteously Raw Chocolate is certified organic. It is also loaded with lots of antioxidants. We tried a few varieties, but my favorite was the Divine Mint. This is really low in sugar. It only contains 2 grams of sugar per square. I like that these are also available in bite size squares. These bite size squares are also available in Synergy Spice and Pure Dark. It's a great portion size."

"Another item that I sampled and really enjoyed was the coconut macaroons. I am a huge fan of macaroons and chocolate combined with them is really good. These are Raw Coconut Macaroons. So what exactly is that? This macaroon is coated with raw chocolate. I really liked the sweetness of the inside of this. The inside of the macaroon also has chia seeds in it. The macaroon was really good. The outside chocolate is not very sweet, but in combination with the macaroon it was good. This overall was my favorite."

You can read more of Frugal Mommy's observations at her blog site.

Earth Source original
passes away

The Earth Source Organics/Righteously Raw family would like to wish a fond farewell and remembrance at the passing of Harold Smith, father of Earth Source founder, Audrey Darrow.

In a wide and varied career, Harold Smith had been Head of Transportation at Paramount Studios where he worked with some of the greats like Paul Newman and Robert Redford on such films as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting as well as on the TV show Cannon. Other than Paramount, where he spent 20 years, Harold also worked for Quinn Martin Studios and 20th Century Fox. Well respected at the studios, he worked his way up the ladder from selling and delivering soda to celebrities homes.

He retired in his sixties and, when he wasn't spending time with his grand-kids and great grand-kids, he was active on the board of Earth Source Organics which he helped to found. He was a hard working family man, dedicated to his nuclear family as well as to his Righteously Raw family. Besides his beloved wife Joann, he leaves behind two daughters, Sheri Hariton and Audrey Darrow, a son Michael Smith, and three each grand-kids and great grand-kids. He'll be missed.


Harold Smith at the Righteously Raw processing facility with his daughter, Audrey (left) and beloved wife, Joann (right)

Top (bottom?) 10

In the interest of keeping our friends informed about the perils lurking on the grocery shelves, we offer: top 10 foods that have been genetically modified as reported in an article in

Corn: According to FDA, genetically modified corn is now available for human use. However, it has been found that this kind of genetically modified corn was meant to create an insecticide, which when consumed could lead to problems with fertility.

Soy: GM soy has been used for a variety of soy products including soy flour, soy beverages, and soybean oil. It is known that when hamsters were fed with the GM variety of soy, they showed increased mortality rate. Imagine this could happen to humans too!

Cotton: GM cotton was designed to resist pesticides. While Chinese agriculture confirmed that genetically modified corn proved excellent for keeping pests away from the corn fields, many Indian cotton farmers have reported to have suffered from rashes due to exposure to GM cotton.

Papaya: In 1999, Hawaiian Papaya was introduced which was genetically modified to resist papaya ringspot virus. Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) is considered to hamper the production of papaya, which is why, transgenic papaya is now being developed in different parts of the world including countries like Thailand, Jamaica, Brazil, and Venezuela.

Rice: Rice is a staple food for many countries in Asia. A genetically modified variety of rice has been introduced that is rich in Vitamin A. In a China Daily article, it was reported that GM rice posed potential health, economic and environment problems. GM rice has a tendency to develop allergic reactions, and there is an increased possibility of gene transfer due to GM rice.

Tomatoes: In order to improve the shelf life of tomatoes, naturally grown tomatoes are being genetically modified too. GM tomatoes do not rot easily in transfers and exports. However, it was reported that when these tomatoes were fed to a few animal subjects, they died after sometime.

Rapeseed: The GM variety of rapeseed is also known as canola, and it is popularly used in making canola oil. Today, honey can also be produced from canola. However, German food authorities confirmed that Canadian honey is heavily pollinated by GM rapeseed as most of the honey products coming from Canada contained pollen from GM rapeseed.

Dairy Products: Nearly 22-percent of the cows in United States are injected with genetically modified bovine growth hormone (rbGH) for increased milk production. However, it has been reported that milk from those cows that have been treated with rbGH contained a high amount of IGF- 1 (insulin growth factors-1), which has been found to cause breast cancer.

Potatoes: GM potatoes are genetically engineered. It has been reported that mice fed with genetically modified potatoes contained high amounts of toxins in their system. Needless to say, GM potatoes pose a threat to human health, as well.

Peas: There is a wide variety of GM peas available in the market. However, it has been known that genetically modified peas harm the immune system and is dangerous for human consumption. In fact, when a kidney bean gene was combined with that of peas, a protein was generated that could well function to reduce pests.

And, if you're interested, Monsanto was evidently highly incensed at the information imparted in the above list. Check this link for more on the Agrioctopus whine. (Seriously, check it out - it will open your eyes if they're not already open.)

Shake it up, Baby

Raw Chocolate ShakeAlways on the lookout for new and exciting things to do with raw chocolate, we recently came across this excellent recipe on Sarah Britton's My New Roots Blog. (Check out this link for the in depth article that accompanies her recipe.)

And, in her words, "Okay, without further ado, here is the Raw Chocolate Shake Miracle that has turned breakfast time into a ridiculous kitchen dance party delight. Food like this convinces me that God loves us and she wants us to be happy."

Raw Chocolate Shake Miracle
¼ cup hemp seeds (or use soaked almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds etc.)
2 heaping Tbsp. raw cacao powder
1 Avocado
1 very large frozen banana (or 2 small)
2 Tbsp. raw honey, agave, or maple syrup
dash sea salt
¾ - 1 cup water
4 ice cubes

1. Blend all the ingredients together; add water to thin if desired. It's a thick one, folks!

And although the urge to chug may take over, don't forget to "chew" your shake for better digestion! Very important.

Tried our new chocolates? Rawcholatl, Chocolate Covered Macaroons or our Bite Size Raw Chocolates: Devine Mint, Pure Dark or Synergy Spice? My favorites are the macaroons... I can't stop eating them!

Rawcholatl Bite size raw chocolates Coconut macaroon truffles
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