About Earth Source Organics (ESO) President - Audrey Darrow

Through life experiences and education, Audrey Darrow is focused on the path of a healthy, spiritual life. She is convinced that eating nutritious, high frequency foods is the essence of well being, inner peace and connection to the soul.

A eight-year survivor of breast cancer, Audrey experienced first hand the debilitating effects which chemotherapy, radical surgeries and long term radiation have on the body. On her journey to recovery, Audrey was overwhelmed by the expense of the nutritious foods she needed to help her heal. To get a discount to afford those foods, she took a job at a local health food store. While her body was still dealing with all the negative effects of her treatments, she worked long hours at a painful and often emotionally draining job just to be able to eat healthily.

To make her journey even more difficult, Audrey struggled to eliminate many foods to which her body had built intolerance after cancer treatment. She decided from that time on to create foods, using only the highest quality ingredients that people could afford and enjoy. She researched superfoods and high antioxidant foods and learned about their many attributes to help prevent and heal many diseases.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Cal State Northridge, Audrey understands the physical needs of the body. She has adapted her education and applied it to what she learned about the nutritional elements of raw foods. Audrey is on a mission to convey the power of superfoods in the prevention of cancers as she blazes her own path to healing through the creation of her products.

In Dedication …The Rose Bar

In 2008 a drowning accident turned Audrey’s daughter, Jaymie Rose, into Audrey’s Angel. At the young age of 20, Jaymie was already learning and teaching others about healthy foods. She enjoyed working for the Isla Vista Co-op in Santa Barbara. Jaymie was studying Environmental Studies and was very interested in organic soils and way to help clean up our environment. Jaymie was so proud of her mom and the first bars that arrived at the co-op in 2008.

The mission and path for Earth Source Organics with Jaymie and her mom working together is to provide the world with the finest raw foods and to give back to the communities that produce the ingredients used in the products.

Our next flavor, called The Rose Bar, is a project of love and will be the first to donate to what we hope will be many foundations that share our mission.

Keep following us as we grow and unveil new flavors and new products, all made in our facility by our own hands. Positive energy, amazing personal journeys and loyal dedication drive the Earth Source crew to support Audrey and her vision every step of the way. This is truly a mission of love, growth, learning, joy and peaceful surrender of the ego. Our blessings go to all who buy our chocolates. We are deeply grateful to have you as our customers.

"Every day that I come to work is a blessing for me and I am grateful for the joy I am able to bring to my customers with our high frequency foods."

Healthful Chocolate Bars

Organic Raw Chocolate Covering An Açai Truffle
Organic Raw Chocolate Covering A Caramel Truffle
Organic Raw Chocolate Covering A Goji Truffle
Organic raw maca covering an organic raw chocolate truffle
Rose Bar - Organic Raw Chocolate Truffle