About Righteously Raw Chocolates

Righteously Raw Chocolates are made with love, positive energy and human hands in our own facility. The parent company behind Righteously Raw Chocolates is Earth Source Organics. Earth Source Organics was founded by Audrey Darrow on the premise that the food we eat is the essence of good health. An eight-year survivor of breast cancer, Audrey discovered that the after effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments were extremely devastating to the body and difficult to overcome. It became her mission to learn about healthy, high frequency foods and then educate the world about them.

By facilitating the availability of high frequency foods used by native people for generations, we hope to shift the awareness of what is truly good for the body and create a balance for a fair trade economy worldwide.

Earth Source Foods

High frequency food, also known as high vibration foods, are naturally sourced foods – unblemished by processing and chemicals. They are ingredients from the earth as presented to us naturally.

All the ingredients found in Earth Source Organics foods are high frequency. All ingredients are obtained from only the highest integrity suppliers who have visited the sources of each ingredient and therefore know how they are grown, harvested and shipped.

Our main ingredients, Acai, Goji, Lucuma, and Maca, are all high integrity ingredients which come from native origins all over the world.

Earth Source Organics is one woman’s mission to help heal the world, connect everyone in spirit and raise the vibrations of those who eat her foods so that they might go on to heal others.


Earth Source Organics has a “Certified Organic” and “Certified Vegan and Kosher” facility where it manufactures and packages its products. Our facility is wheat, gluten and nut-free.

We want to share our production capabilities with like-minded, conscientious companies and foster relationships to help bring their high-quality, certified foods to the community.

We offer the opportunity to other manufacturers to have their products co-packed in the Earth Source facility. We give small companies the capability of building their product lines without all the overhead costs and we offer assistance in all aspects of building new business. We offer small business consultation and can guide companies through the certification process.

Please contact us regarding co-packaging at (760) 734-1867.

Earth Source Organics is proud to be among other progressive business leaders who are working to solve today’s tough social and environmental problems.

Healthful Chocolate Bars

Organic Raw Chocolate Covering An Açai Truffle
Organic Raw Chocolate Covering A Caramel Truffle
Organic Raw Chocolate Covering A Goji Truffle
Organic raw maca covering an organic raw chocolate truffle
Rose Bar - Organic Raw Chocolate Truffle