Rightously Raw Testimonials

Righteously Raw Maca Bar is endorsed by Olympic Snow Board Champion Hannah Teter
Hannah Teter"The maca bar is important for overall peak performance health.  It is really hard to find the perfect healthy food bar, but the acai, goji, maca, and caramel, are all delicious and amazing for lifting and setting the mood while working out hard. The maca bar is, by far, my absolute favorite on the market.”
Hannah Teter
Andre Botha is a big wave rider and overall feel good fanatic. 2X Bodyboarding Pipeline and World Champion.
Andre Botha surfing

Andre Botha
"I train heavily with running, swimming and stretching to prepare myself for the world's biggest and heaviest waves. Along with getting the right exercise I have to eat the right foods to keep me going for long sessions in the ocean. I enjoy foods that have been made with care, foods that have integrity and most importantly foods that come from the Earth, free of heavy processing and additives. Additionally, I have been vegetarian for over seven years now and seek out companies like Righteously Raw. These are the reasons why I support and enjoy Righteously Raw's Maca Bars. Not only is this a company that is righteous, but it is a company that makes the tastiest raw organic chocolate that I have ever had. Additionally it gives me the healthiest energy that I need to keep charging. Let's just say that when they say "superfood," they mean it!"

—Andre Botha

Andre Botha SurfingAndre Botha Surfing Tube
Shealen Reno's future goals of becoming an Olympic BMX Athlete flourish strong through her hard work and discipline on and off the BMX track.
Shealen Reno - BMX Champion

Shealen Reno Catching Air"As a BMX racer and athlete, it is very important to me what I put in my body. Righteously Raw Chocolates, especially the "Bite Size Raw Chocolate Bars" are perfect to grab and go in between my motos. The chocolate is by far the best tasting without all the processed sugar and just enough to satisfy any craving! It also makes me feel good knowing that the organic, non-GMO ingredients are by far the best for you."
— Shealen Reno, BMX Champion

Shealen has continued to stack up awards and national rankings every year….some of them include:

2013 USA National Champion
2012 UCI World Championships – 2nd Place
2012 USA National Championships – 2nd Place
2012 USA Western Divisional Champion
2011 USA National Championships – 2nd Place
2010 USA National Champion

David Wolfe and Audrey DarrowRighteously Raw founder and president Audrey Darrow had the pleasure of meeting David "Avocado" Wolfe at a book signing at the amazing Aura Shop in Santa Monica on March 16th. David is kind, compassionate and told the whole crowd how much he loved Righteously Raw Bars. He even started eating them while he was signing books. What a joy it was to hear him speak and to give him a big hug.

David Wolfe Amazing Grace

David Wolfe is also a gourmet chocolatier so to have him love our bars is truly awesome! He is a passionate proponent of the healing and beautifying power of raw chocolate (cacao beans). When you hear David speak he will tell you why chocolate is the greatest, most prosperous, nutritious, mood-elevating, highest energizing, and top weight loss aphrodisiac food on the planet! David Wolfe is a Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert. He is also the Co-Founder of TheBestDayEver.com Online Health Magazine as well as President: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (www.ftpf.org).

David is author of the best-selling books, Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System (8th Edition), Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe on Raw Foods, Superfoods, and Superherbs (www.21daystohealth.com), Amazing Grace (3rd Edition), Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future and The LongevityNOW Program (www.longevitynowprogram.com).

Tyler Reid is a Righteously Raw sponsored professional surfer and grandson of legendary surf pioneer Butch Van Artsdalen.

Tyler Reid

"Since I've discovered Righteously Raw's Maca Cacao Bars, my overall energy level and mental clarity have drastically increased. They truly are a superfood and have helped me excel not just in surfing but in all aspects of my life."

—Tyler Reid

Tyler reaching for the sun
Tyler reaching for the sun
Grandpa Butch surfing pipe
Grandpa Butch surfing pipe
Grandpa Butch and the Duke
Grandpa Butch and the Duke
Righteously Raw Maca Bar is endorsed by Professional Surfer Zachary Keenan
Zach Keenan surfing

Zachary Keenan in barrel"Our bodies are our temples, and I have found that Raw Organic Superfoods allow me to thrive at the highest levels not only in competitions, but in every aspect of life. The Righteously Raw Maca Cacao Bar is my choice for increased energy and awareness, and is my ideal fuel for living the best life ever!"
— Zachary Keenan, Professional Surfer
Zachary Keenan

Elijah Teter is the winner of the 2002 Junior World Championships and is on course for a 2010 Olympic run. Elijah loves Righteously Raw Maca Bars and says:

Elijah Teter

"I believe everyone should incorporate more raw food into their diets. Here is a bar, the Righteously Raw Maca, that will charge you with energy and a taste that is as if Mother Earth (Gaia) created it herself."
—Elijah Teter

"Every time I eat a bite of this exquisite Maca Bar, it gives me this
incredible euphoric feeling of love thus inspiring me
to take the musical frequencies
to heightened levels."

Scott Huckabay
guitar alchemyst
Scott Huckabay

From the Grapevine:

Hannah Richardson "I just want to say an incredibly BIG THANK YOU!!!! You guys are awesome!!!! It is so hard to find a good, healthy treat that does not contain sugar. I am so happy I found your product. Keep up the good work and God Bless You guys!!!!"

Rosemary Woodward - "Yum!!! I am trying the Rose Bar for the first time, and it is just lovely... Your bars are absolutely exquisite! ♥"

Loved the Gourmet Raw Chocolates from Righteously Raw! My favorite was definitely the Maqui Rose Bar!

Randi Berardi - "just ate almost a whole acai bar....omg...sleeping with smilez tonight : )"

Sheila Romane - "Absolutely in love with these bars! Audrey, your story and life is an inspiration and I'm thrilled for your success with such a delicious and healthful product. It was a pleasure meeting you a few weeks back at the Temecula Slow Foods event."

Charity Goss Comeaux - "Man, these things are good! ...and raw. :o)"

H2M - "Since we opened our Health and Wellness Store in Georgetown KY, this chocolate has been a great hit with my customers; We love this stuff! High Frequency Raw Chocolate really makes you feel like a million bucks...Thanks guys"

Derik Mcintosh - "Best Chocolate.. By Far.. Just ate a Maqui bar.. Unbeatable.. "

Ash Ritter - "oh my goodness the rose bar is wonderful.... ♥ ♥ ♥"

Kiki Love - "BEST raw chocolate bar ever!!!!! i love love love these!!! thank you!"

Nathan Sterling - "Yay! my first chocolate order is came in. I can't wait to spread the goodness... clearly the tastiest chocolate ever thanks righteously raw :)"

isla vista food co-op - "oh yum. have you tried the Righteously Raw Rose Bar yet? it's very different from their other bars: this one is sweet and tangy, kind of like lil' jaymie rose herself! try one today. it's flavored with maqui berry, which promotes anti-aging and immune system power!"

The Minglement - Vashon Island's all natural health, food and grocery - "Just had a caramel bar with the morning cup of coffee! Sometimes ya just got to have some chocolate for breakfast. Thanks for a great product!"

Nudie Foodie - "Goji Magic ~ ♥"

Mickey D Walker - "mmmm, having an afternoon pick me up of earl grey tea and some of your caramel bar! So, so good!"

Nudie Foodie - "Thanks for Satisfying my Birthday Sweet Tooth with your Righteous Chocolate!"

Grace Helms - "oh my your new rose bar is the shiznit... sooo yummy. hugs and thanks for always coming through with the chocolate love"

Brigitte Bard - "Your Maqui bar is beautiful... a very feminine & divine bar... love the raspberry and hint of Rose... it really is very lovely... ♥"

Randi Berardi Raw Chocolate is something i look forward to everyday!! Righteously Raw Chocolate is phenomenal...full of superfoods! I feel so vibrant, healthy, energized, and fulfilled when i eat these bars. Consuming these are defiintely part of my daily routine...i suggest everyone try and incorporate this chocolate into your daily routine, guarantee you will notice a positive difference: )"

Anna S. Gardarsdottir - "beeeeeeeeeeeeeest chocolate I have ever taste. And it is healthy ;=)"

Jason Velick - "It is amazing! The texture is so different and the grit is scrumptious! Love the tartness and...it's perfect!!!"

Stephanie BadSoldier Snow - "I love RR bars! I can't live without them-and I mean that from both an emotional and nutritional standpoint because they make me happy AND healthy!!"

Patricia Horton-Gerschler - "Just tried your maca bar for the first time, and it was good. I was afraid that the 90% would be too intense, but it was very nice. Then I tried it with coconut oil on it & IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD! "

Stephanie BadSoldier Snow - "I absolutely LOVE the MAQUI Bar! My husband and I share a bar as our daily couple's ritual!"

Karyn Benkendorfer - "I love the all of the bars but my favorite is the Acai.....so so so good!"

Richard Andrew Barrett - "the goji bar didnt get no love on here! I love that bar!!"

Andrea Blasig Dedmon - "Maca Bar all the way...oh and the Caramel and Acai...do I havve to pick just one???"

Jana Free - "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Maca Bar!!!!!!!"

the Vitamin House - "NEW PRODUCT - Super excited to now sell Righteously Raw Chocolate. This chocolate is so yummy and beleive it or not it is good for you too. Check out their website. "

Chloe Longobardo-Moreno - "I'm "in love" with your new rose maqui bar!! It's my new fave!!!! Wow!! My hubby got it for me yesterday-I was thrilled b/c it's been so hard to find lately since it's new. It tastes AMAZZZZZZZZZZING! I love all of your bars--but the rose one is really special♥. oxox"

Amy Natzle - "I love love love love the maca bar!"

Michelle Larson-Sadler - "Enjoying a Rose Maqui raw chocolate bar from Righteously Raw - oh my! I have renamed it THE LOVE BAR! Wow! It's the ultimate share-with-your-sweetie indulgence!"

Carla Mino - "I love how you combined the lucuma in the caramel bar. I'm from Peru and I love lucuma. I wish you could educate people about lucuma and how great it is instead of hiding it in the caramel."

Samantha Marquis - "Just had my first Righteously Raw experience! I absolutely recommend the Goji Berry! My 3 year old loved it too :-D"

Teigan Borus - "This is by far the most delicious tasting chocolate I have ever eaten!! And best of all it is good for me, my cardiologist is going to be so happy I found you! Thanks Audrey."

Michelle Larson-Sadler - "Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to eat the best chocolate that you could find in its entirety...and enjoy it right now? Just did here. One Righteously Raw 90% Cacao Bar with Goji it was...tasted like HEAVEN...and wouldn't you know it...right before bedtime :)"

Rebecca Rodriguez - "I love these bars. YUM - my favorite are the Maca Bars."