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Righteously Raw FAQs
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+ Why do you use Organic Raw Agave instead of other sweeteners?

Organic Raw Agave has several key benefits that align the organic sweetener as one of the major players in this global movement away from highly processed sugars and chemically produced artificial sweeteners. Agave Premium Nectar is 40 – 50% sweeter than sugar, so less is needed to achieve the desired sweetness, resulting in 33 – 50% reduction in sugar calories.

Agave contains long-chain prebiotic inulin. Recent studies on Agave inulin suggest significant health benefits, including the prevention of bone loss, controlled insulin production, weight loss, and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Agave also naturally contains Calcium, Iron and other trace minerals.

+ How is the Agave grown?

Agave is grown organically, without the use of pesticides, GMOs, hormones or fertilizers. Our agave growers use natural techniques to keep the agave fields free of pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth, harvesting and production.

+ Is the Agave sustainably farmed?

Yes, as with all of our ingredients, our Agave is sustainably farmed. Social and economic responsibility is at the core of our brand. We work with agave growers who have a tradition for sustainable farming practices and generations of family history connected to the land. Young agave saplings are expertly harvested from mature agave and replanted in rested fields. Trimmings from each harvest are used as a natural soil conditioner. Fiber removed from milling is repurposed for other goods. Nature’s Agave supports the local farming communities and strives to create fair pricing for hard-working agave growers and their families.

+ What differentiates the Agave you use from other Agave sources?

Lower Glycemic Index (GI) than other Agave sources available. Our Agave source are the lowest rated on the Glycemic Index (rated 17). Other agave brands on the market rate from 28 – 35 on the GI. Low Glycemic foods do not spike insulin levels, and are considered Type-2 Diabetic friendly.

+ Who supports Agave

All of the following support Agave:
  • Dr. Andrew Weil – America’s Doctor (his sweetener of choice)
  • Dr. Oz (promotes the use of agave on his show, and also on Oprah)
  • Oprah (loves agave and mentions it frequently on her show)
  • Ellen Degeneres (recently lost weight cutting out processed sugar and using agave)
  • Giada De Laurentiis (arguably today’s top celebrity chef; sponsored by Target)
  • Guy Fieri (Chef & Food Network star with several shows currently airing)
  • The White House

+ Is Earth Source Organics Fair Trade Certified?

We are often asked this question so in the interest of fair trade, we want to clarify why we are not Fair Trade Certified, even though our business is built on the very same values they promote. But first, we want to commend all those that have asked this question. Fair trade is just that, fair, and if you don’t know where a company stands we believe that you should ask and get involved to start holding companies to a higher standard.

We take certifications that impact people’s health, their beliefs and their lifestyles very seriously. Take our Vegan Certification for example; most companies pay $250.00 to a vegan certifier and that is all they have to do to become certified. If you were Vegan, would you want your foods made in the same facilities as meat and dairy products? Probably not, but that is what happens sometimes in facilities that share with other companies. We run a dedicated Vegan facility and wanted this verified for our Vegan customers peace of mind so we took it one step further and paid an additional fee to have our entire facility inspected so it is Vegan Certified.

This is the same approach we take with the Fair Trade Certification. We believe that they are a great organization and a good option for many companies but Fair Trade is a certifying agency and as such they charge thousands of dollars for their certification service and so we chose to take it a step further by taking it upon ourselves to put money directly into the pockets of the very same people that they advocate helping, but on a more personal level which is more work but more rewarding as well. There are many good companies that cannot afford to be Fair Trade certified but are still buying ethically and doing their part to protect the farmers and their families and promote fair trade. This approach cuts out the middle man and allows us to have a bigger impact on the lives of the farmers and families we have direct contact with and at the same time keep the price of our bars as low as possible.

+ What's the average selling price of Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars in the U.S.?

The average selling price in the U.S. is $5.79. We have no control over what a company sells them for but we have kept the wholesale price low and in fact have not increased our prices for over 4 years even though the price of raw cacao has increased 25% over the last year alone. We are still the lowest priced, fully certified raw food chocolate bar in the market place and the number one sold in the world.

+ How do you eradicate worms and other pests from your Organic Raw Chocolates?

To comply with the Organic and Raw Certifications we maintain on all Righteously Raw Chocolates we obviously can't use chemicals or heat to eradicate pests so it becomes a very labor intensive job. For our dates and figs alone we employ two full time people simply to cut them open, remove the pits and then carefully inspect each one. If we were to buy them already pitted from the grower they would no longer be raw because they heat the date to high temperatures to allow their machines to remove the pit. Every once in a while a microscopic worm at its infant stage will pass the inspection and grow once the product is already packaged. Out of all the chocolates we've produced, which is approaching one million, we've only been notified of this happening 6 times.

+ Do any of your products have corn in them?

There is no corn in any of our products. We are a completely allergen free facility.

+ Where do you source your raw chocolate from?

Our chocolate comes from Peru, Ecuador. Soil type, climate and processing are the three main factors that determine the the taste and quality of the Cacao and we have found that the Cacao grown in Peru, Ecuador meets our needs the best.

+ I used your store locator but could not find a store near me. Can I order directly from you?

We do not sell directly to the public. We rely on our network of retailers to sell our chocolates and want them to know they have our complete support without having to worry about competition from us.

If there are no stores in your area you can find a partial list of online stores here that carry our chocolates. Another option is to refer us to a store in your area, and, if they order from us, we'll send you some free chocolate and you'll have a place to buy our chocolates locally.

+ Do you offer coupons for your chocolates?

We do not offer any coupons at this time. We would like to find a way to work with retailers to offer a coupon. You can sign up for our Newsletter in the upper right portion of this page if you would like to be notified when we do.

+ Do you plan to open an online store for customers to shop directly through your website?

No. We rely on our network of retailers to sell our chocolates and want them to know they have our complete support without having to worry about competition from us. This approach also allows us to focus more of our energy on producing the best chocolates possible.
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Audrey Darrow - President

Brittany England - Operations Manager

Dan England - Client and Sales Manager

Derek Kline - Client Relations and Sales Representative
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Tony Houlihan - Head Chocolatier

Cody Meyers - Shipping and Receiving

Eric Paramore - Superfood Mixologist
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Brad Mann - Jack of all Trades

Nikki McAllister - Prep Specialist

Oscar Sanchez - Chocolate Mold Specialist

Shane Greis - Co-Packing Lead

Organic Vegan • Gluten-Free • Kosher • Low Glycemic • Antioxidant Rich
No Refined Sugars • Soy and allergen Free • Non GMO

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Organic Raw Chocolate Covering A Caramel Truffle
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Rose Bar - Organic Raw Chocolate Truffle

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