Rawcholatl Raw Chocolate Drink
Rawcholatl - Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink
The Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink

Recommended served warm (106°), this delicious and relaxing beverage was blended to revive the delicacies and keen insights of the ancient Aztec tribes of Central America. Passed from generation to generation, our take on this blessed drink brings you the sensational benefits of anti-oxidant rich cacao and the special blend of spices to create a tasty healthful experience.


Rawcholatl Ingredients: Cacao Powder, Coconut Palm Sugar, Mesquite Pod Meal Powder, Aji Amarillo Powder Aji Panca Powder, Vanilla Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Allspice

Abundant in antioxidants and flavonoids
Certified Raw and Organic

Directions: Simply add two tablespoons to one cup of warm or cool water, a smoothie or your favorite almond or hemp drink.

Organic Cinnamon PowderOrganic Coconut Palm SugarOrganic Cacao Powder

Organic • Vegan • Gluten-Free • Kosher • Low Glycemic • Antioxidant Rich
No Refined Sugars • Soy and allergen Free • Non GMO

Rawcholatl - Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink Nutrition Facts
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