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Earth Source Organics introduces new Righteously Raw Chocolate bar with a surprisingly tasty, healthy and socially conscious twist

(Oct. 12, 2010, San Marcos, Calif.) Earth Source Organics, master crafter's of the unforgettably delicious line of Righteously Raw chocolate bars, today announced the introduction of their newest confection treat, the Rose Bar.

Inspiration for this delightful bar came from the short, but fruitful and joyful life of Jaymie Rose Darrow, who passed away two years ago. Jaymie was the much loved daughter of Earth Source Organics' founder and president, Audrey Darrow. Darrow described the Rose Bar as a unique blend of great tastes and nutritious healthy ingredients that reflects not only Jaymie's name, but her complex and caring spirit.

The Rose Bar's consciously sourced ingredients work together to place the body in perfect harmony. Its decadent truffle interior is a sensational layering of tastes that begins with rich maqui berry and ends on notes of rich chocolate and fragrant rose and rose hips. The maqui berry powder contained in the luscious truffle provides yet another boost of powerful antioxidants while aromatically therapeutic effects of rose essence oils help transport the consumer to a state of relaxation. The bar's coating begins with a base of antioxidant-rich cacao butter and red raspberry powder, then is paired with blood-detoxifying beet crystals, highly digestible sprouted whole grain brown rice protein powder and heart-healthy coconut oil to render the consumer ready for any strenuous activity. Without a doubt, this is a bar that centers and brings a true sense of well-being.

Besides just plain tasting good, the Rose Bar is high in cancer fighting anthrocyans and polyphenols, contains powerfully anti-inflammatory ingredients and helps promote a healthy immune system.

Also, in Jaymie's name, Earth Source Organics is proud to announce that a percentage of the profits from the Rose Bar will be donated to my charity: water, an international organization dedicated to the development of water delivery systems to people in areas which have no source of clean water to drink, cook, or even with which to bathe. Earth Source Organics is proud and delighted to take some of the generosity with which they anticipate that their friends and fans will receive the Rose Bar and pass it along to such a deserving cause. Jaymie was all about generosity and helping and they feel this will do her memory proud.

Of the new bar's introduction, Ms. Darrow said, "With our amazing newest flavor, the Righteously Raw Rose Bar, we hope to help heal the world, one customer at a time."

Look for the new Rose Bar wherever Earth Source Organics' Righteously Raw bars are sold.

A complete description of Rose Bar's ingredients, along with their healthy attributes, will shortly be listed at Earth Source Organics' website:


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