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August 10,2011
New Products Information:
Please contact Audrey Darrow
1235 Activity Dr., Suite E Vista, CA 92081
PH 760-734-1867 Fax760-734-1576

Earth Source Organics is introducing 3 new Righteously Raw Chocolate treats, with our famous, healthy, scrumptious and socially conscious twist.

August 10,2011, Earth Source Organics, a distinguished maker of an unforgettable delicious line of Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars, announced the introduction of their newest confection treats. Raw Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Rawcholatl (Ancient Aztec Cacao Spice Drink) and three bite size, individually wrapped chocolates called Divine Mint, Synergy Spice and Pure Dark. All certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, allergen and nut free, NON GMO certified as all Righteously Raw products continue to be our standard high quality. These delicious up to 83% dark cacao bite size pieces can be private labeled and they will be the world’s first allergen and nut free, fully certified chocolates in health food stores.

Inspiration for these delightful new products came from our customers that have asked us for the last two years to make products of this nature for their stores. We listened and we are very happy that we can finally introduce your requests at the Natural Products Expo East Show in Baltimore, MD in September 2011. These will be featured in the New Product Showcase and at our booth # 2714 in the Organic Pavilion.

The Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, Rawcholatl and bite size chocolates are made with a new low gylcemic sweetener called coconut palm sugar and are packed with super foods, spices and of course our famous Righteously Raw chocolate.

Beside their savory taste, the new products are high in cancer fighting anthrocyans, polyphenols and contain powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients and helps promote a healthy immune system.

Look for our health oriented products wherever Earth Source Organics’ Righteously Raw Bars are sold around the worlds.

A complete description of all three new products ingredients, along with their healthy attributes, is listed at Earth Source Organics' website:


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