Top 5 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Although coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, it’s well-known for being a “superfood” and contains several fatty acids, with powerful benefits including weight loss, improved brain function, healthy digestion, skin health, [...]

What Is The Difference Between Cacao vs. Cocoa?

With countless types of chocolate to choose from, there’s never just one or two to satisfy cravings. Cacao and cocoa, for instance, sound similar in name, however, they’re unique in taste, texture, nutrition and cost. [...]

Raw Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate: Is there a difference?

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What The Holidays Really Mean To Me

From the Founder of Righteously Raw Chocolate As I sit here with my warm gloves on, my feet on a heating mat and a hot cup of delicious Righteously Raw Rawcholatl, I reflect on [...]

Ten Great Reasons to Give Chocolate as a Gift

When someone you care about needs encouragement. When someone you care about loses their family pet. When you want to show appreciation to anyone When YOU need to feel better it is always helpful [...]