Product Certifications

We’re proud to have earned an impressive array of certifications attesting to our dedication to excellence. All of our products are closely regulated to ensure that, without exception, anything and everything we bring to you will always be as pure as possible. We’ve made sure that our every productive move is done with extreme diligence.

We maintain a dedicated nut free, allergen free and soy free environment in our facility. All of our products are certified organic, kosher, vegan, wheat free and gluten free.

With the utmost pride we hold each of the certifications below.

Logo of Certified CCOF Organic

Producers certified by CCOF have made the choice to grow and sell organic foods.  CCOF supports this choice and you by providing information, resources and advocacy for organic food and agriculture. Please support the organic movement by supporting CCOF.

Logo of USDA Organic

The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The NOP also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA standards.

Verified Vegan by Earth Kosher

Vegan Certified By Earth Kosher: This is to make known that all Earth Source Organics products are certified Vegan under Earth Kosher’s Vegan Verified program. We inspect the Earth Source Organics facility and ingredients on a regular basis and we have absolute confidence that these products contain no ingredients that are of an animal source or derivative.

Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher

“Our Mission at Earth Kosher is to provide affordable and accepted kosher certification on an international basis. We are committed to the highest quality of customer service and are devoted to ethical and straightforward business practices. We in particular seek to make our kosher certification services available to companies that embody a regard for human health, human dignity and respect the environment.”

Certified Gluten Free by Celiac Sprue Association

CSA Celiac Sprue Gluten Free Certification : Products bearing the CSA Recognition Seal meet the strictest criteria for absence of gluten in product ingredients, processing and packaging.

Products bearing the CSA Recognition Seal meet the strictest criteria for absence of gluten in product ingredients, processing and packaging. This seal was built to reflect member responses to CSA surveys in Lifeline.

The CSA Recognition Seal denotes the most risk-free choice for all people eliminating gluten from the diet — The Sensitive and Lesser So. To be everything for everyone, risk is brought to the minimal by omitting the grains of concern, and oats their derivatives, crosses in items bearing the CSA Recognition Seal.

To verify, the company has addressed all ingredient, production and training elements, the status products are tested using the most sensitive ELISA test presently available in the United States. The R-Biopharm RIDASCREEN® Gliadin test has a lower limit of quantification of 5 parts per million. Products must test below the level of quantification of this test to qualify for the CSA Recognition Seal.

Memberships and Organizations

Earth Source Organics is dedicated to fair-trade, environmental sustainability and the promotion of organic raw chocolate and other Superfoods. We understand how important it is to do things right.

Aside from the organizations listed below we also support other groups and causes. Please check out our “Giving Back” page to view them. Or better yet, follow the links provided and offer your support for any you would like to get involved with.

Organic Trade Association

Promoting and Protecting Organic Trade.

“Formerly the Organic Foods Production Association of North America (OFPANA), was established in 1985 in the United States and Canada. Since its inception, the association has been a key player in shaping both the regulatory and market environment for organic products. OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy. OTA envisions organic products becoming a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people’s lives and the environment. OTA represents businesses across the organic supply chain and addresses all things organic, including food, fiber/textiles, personal care products, and new sectors as they develop.” – OTA

Green America’s Business Network

Green America is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to harnessing the economic power of consumers, investors and businesses to promote social justice and environmental sustainability. One way we do this is to help responsible consumers and green businesses find each other in the marketplace. Businesses displaying the Green America Seal of Approval have successfully completed Green America’s screening process and have been approved to be listed as a socially and environmentally responsible —or green—businesses in our National Green Pages™ directory.” – BGM

Why we are not Fair Trade Certified, Even Though our Business is Built Upon the Very Values they Promote.

We are often asked why we are not Fair Trade Certified so in the interest of fair trade, we want to clarify our position. But first, we want to commend all those that asked. Fair trade is just that, fair, and if you don’t know where a company stands we believe that you should ask and get involved to start holding companies to a higher standard.

As you can see from this page we take certifications that impact people’s health, their beliefs and their lifestyles very seriously. Take our Vegan Certification for example; most companies pay $250.00 to a vegan certifier and that is all they have to do to become certified. If you were Vegan, would you want your foods made in the same facilities as meat and dairy products? Probably not, but that is what happens sometimes in facilities that share with other companies. We run a dedicated Vegan facility and wanted this verified for our Vegan customers peace of mind so we took it one step further and paid an additional fee to have our entire facility inspected so it is Vegan Certified.

This is the same approach we take with the Fair Trade Certification. We believe that they are a great organization and a good option for many companies but Fair Trade is a certifying agency and as such they charge thousands of dollars for their certification service and so we chose to take it a step further by taking it upon ourselves to put money directly into the pockets of the very same people that they advocate helping, but on a more personal level which is more work but more rewarding as well. There are many good companies that cannot afford to be Fair Trade certified but are still buying ethically and doing their part to protect the farmers and their families and promote fair trade. This approach cuts out the middle man and allows us to have a bigger impact on the lives of the farmers and families we have direct contact with and at the same time keep the price of our bars as low as possible.