Our Story

Back in 2006, Audrey Darrow, having just gone through radical surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer, was working at a health food store in San Diego in the deli. Why? So she could get the employee discount to be able to afford the healthy foods she loved and believed would help keep her cancer-free. For what reason, she wondered, were all the organic, healthy, raw products she was purchasing so prohibitively expensive? Why shouldn’t everyone be able to afford to eat the kinds of food she bought? The wheels started turning and in 2007 Righteously Raw as a concept was born: healthy food at an affordable price, the way chocolate ought to be.

Starting in a small commercial facility that Audrey built from the ground up, we began producing our first bars (with our first iteration of labels!) and got immediate positive response. Here, we started to develop and implement one of our core company beliefs: That we put people first over profit. We only work with farms and growers who treat their employees well. As a manufacturer, we go above and beyond for all of our employees, offering full health care, 401K benefits, paid lunches, a stocked snack room, and paid vacation and sick days. We believe a happy employee is a productive employee, and that infectious positive energy in our facility is reflected in our chocolate.

Audrey’s daughter, Jaymie, passed away in 2008 and Audrey, instead of falling to negativity, continued to draw on her energy as fuel to keep Righteously Raw moving forward. The Rose Bar was created as a project of love and to this day sits on shelves with her story on the inner label.

As the years have gone by we’ve hit many milestones: outgrown two facilities, created awesome new products to add to our line, and added new people to our growing family. We continue to move forward with the same integrity and purpose we’ve had since day 1: striving to deliver the best, most affordable product with the finest ingredients into the hands of customers who value it most. We’ve had some missteps along the way (who hasn’t!?) but we hope that our passion for what we do shines through each and every time you unwrap a Righteously Raw Chocolate product.

righteously raw chocolate team