Our Team

    Audrey Darrow

    As a 13-year survivor of breast cancer, I have experienced first-hand the debilitating effects which chemotherapy, radical surgeries and long term radiation have on the body. I believe that eating nutrient-dense, unprocessed, high frequency foods is the essence of well-being, inner peace and connection to the soul. Righteously Raw chocolate is my mission to make a product that fits these criteria that everyone can afford and enjoy!

    A native of Los Angeles, I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Cal State Northridge. I have two children, my son Justin who helps run the company, and my daughter Jaymie Rose, who is no longer with us in body but continues to guide me each and every day. In my spare time I love to be near the ocean, ride my bicycle, sing, play guitar and drums, and take care of my malty-poo Harley who is a handful.

  • Justin Darrow
    Director of Operations and Finance
    Justin Darrow
    Director of Operations and Finance

    Hey, I’m Justin and I’m the VP of Finance here at Earth Source Organics, which essentially means I wear a lot of hats.  You may have gotten an AR call from me, had me take your order, or I might have helped you with a customer service issue, while probably doing a number of behind-the-scene things to help keep this ship sailing smoothly.

    I am a San Diego native as well and stayed on home soil to get my Bachelors of Science in Management Science/Operations Research from UCSD.  In my spare time I love playing basketball, hiking, grilling with my girlfriend, and traveling domestically and abroad (18 countries and counting!).  Additionally, I try really hard to not throw the remote during Chargers games.

  • Brad Mann
    Account Executive
    Brad Mann
    Account Executive

    Hello, my name is Brad Mann and I am an Account Executive at Earth Source Organics. I specifically work with the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, and Rocky Mountain regions.  I have had the opportunity to work at ESO for 5 years. I started on the production side, but then worked in-store demos and oversaw shipping and receiving. I have recently been promoted to work in sales. Through my experience at the company I have had the unique opportunity to work on both sides of the product. I feel has been a huge asset to helping and educating our customers about our company and product line.  When I am not working, I really enjoy golfing (trying to anyway), going to the beach, and traveling with my beautiful girlfriend Katie. I always enjoy traveling to new places and my goal is to visit Europe in the next few years. I also enjoy following local sports teams such as the Chargers, Lakers, and Padres.
    I am looking forward to continuing to grow with Righteously Raw.