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August 15, 2013
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EarthSourceOrganicsThe Foundation for a Healing Among Nations Welcomes Earth Source Organics as Its Newest Member
Earth Source Organics expands its community outreach and mission to give back through joining the Foundation’s spiritually based peace fellowship.

The Foundation for a Healing among Nations began as a one woman effort to consciously heal and transform the negativity in the world through peace and love. Creator Bonnie Mansdorf first drew her inspiration as an interviewer for Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, and from there endeavored to spread the message of healing and peace, through collaboration with organizations such as The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute and the Unity and Diversity World Council, and through comprehensive, multi-disciplinary educational campaigns.


Our goal is to connect and heal the world one customer at a time.


This mantra of the power of love and peace to heal resonates deeply with Earth Source Organics owner and Righteously Raw Chocolate President Audrey Darrow, and is the reason she decided to join her company’s philosophy with the Foundation’s. “Our goal is to connect and heal the world one customer at a time,” she states. “We hope to send a message out to the world of our commitment to love and spiritual connection through our products, and by adding our voice to the generous work of organizations such as The Foundation for a Healing among Nations.”

By becoming a member of this organization, Earth Source Organics melds their focus on consciously sourced ingredients and responsibly created products with the Foundation’s pledge to transcend ignorance, own personal and social responsibility, and sustain the world’s rich diversity. Their chocolate line Righteously Raw embodies this focus with certified organic and kosher products, made with love, positive energy, and human hands in an allergen, wheat, gluten, and nut-free facility. Through facilitating the availability of high frequency foods – naturally sourced ingredients unblemished by processing and chemicals – Earth Source Organics hopes to promote balance, integrity, and goodness in the mind, body, and spirit.

More about Righteously Raw Chocolates:

Righteously Raw is the gourmet chocolate brand of the certified organic food manufacturing company Earth Source Organics. Based in Southern California, this company is on a mission to provide organic and delicious foods to its customers to help them lead happy, healthy lives. For more information and to find Righteously Raw Chocolates near you, please visit

To learn more about Earth Source Organics’ work with the Foundation for a Healing among Nations, please contact Audrey Darrow at (760) 734-1867 or info(at)earthsourceorganics(dot)com.