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June 27, 2013

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Righteously Raw Chocolates are Now Available in All Nine PCC Natural Markets
Earth Source Organics’ chocolate line continues to grow in popularity in the Washington-based food retail co-operative PCC Natural Markets.

PCC Natural Markets

PCC Natural Markets

PCC Natural Markets started as a small collection of families and has now grown into the largest consumer-owned natural retail co-operative in the United States. Located in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, this co-op has nearly 45,000 owning members along with thousands of local non-owner customers that share the same values and commitment to high-quality, sustainable, organic products as Earth Source Organics. After first becoming available in August of 2012, the Righteously Raw Chocolate line can now be found in all nine PCC locations.

Earth Source Organics President Audrey Darrow toured all of the stores in March of this year to get a personal feel for the co-op and its large network of owners and customers. “It was great to see firsthand the positive impact that this co-op has on its community,” she states. “We are very excited to be able to work with PCC and to have involvement in their mission to guide customers towards all-natural, sustainable living.”


We are very excited to be able to work with PCC and to have involvement in their mission to guide customers towards all-natural, sustainable living.


All Righteously Raw Chocolate products are available in the PCC Natural Markets except for their cacao spice drink, Rawcholatl. Their best-selling product is the Coconut Macaroons, accounting for nearly 20% of Earth Source Organics sales in the co-op. Their chocolate line sales continue to grow, spreading the message of healthy, delicious, and gourmet eating without compromising the integrity of products offered.

In fact, PCC Natural Markets holds itself to such high quality standards that it requires its vendors to sign a document attesting to the legitimacy of any certifications. As a certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, allergen and gluten-free facility, Earth Source Organics’ products fit in perfectly with PCC Natural Markets’ health conscious, socially responsible ethos and celebration of food.

About Righteously Raw Chocolates:

Righteously Raw is the gourmet chocolate brand of the certified organic food manufacturing company Earth Source Organics. Based in Southern California, this company is on a mission to provide organic and delicious foods to its customers to help them lead happy, healthy lives. Earth Source Organics is also the proud distributor of Vigilant Eats Gluten-Free Cereal. For more information, please visit