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Maca Superfood Bite


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Product Description


Maca Bite Raw Ingredients: Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Maca Powder, Organic Mesquite Powder, Organic Vanilla Bean Powder, Salt

Organic • Vegan • Gluten-Free • Kosher • Low Glycemic • Antioxidant Rich
No Refined Sugars • Soy and allergen Free • Non GMO

Organic Raw Maca Bite Size Label

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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 13.33 × 9.5 × 18 cm

7 reviews for Maca Superfood Bite

  1. Avatar for Monika


    The absolute best ingredients from all flavor!
    Even for an 80/10/10 diet …they could loose the salt but… Im glad its not perfect so we don’t have to be !

    • Avatar for Justin Darrow

      Justin Darrow

      We are glad you love our (imperfect) Maca Bites Monika 🙂

  2. Avatar for Cara


    Perfect for when you don’t want an overwhelming sweet flavor. Unique. Delicious melted into oatmeal.

  3. Avatar for Mary Tamara

    Mary Tamara

    I bought a handful of these this morning at Whole Foods and liked them enough to find them online. I am trying to stay away from refined sugar and all I want is a chocolate chip cookie! These have the right amount of chocolate and sweetness to satisfy by cookie craving. The texture is similar to an Almond Joy but with healthy ingredients and delicious taste!

  4. Avatar for Mary


    This was so delicious, I cannot believe it has no sugar or dried fruit in it. I have been on a sugar detox and this was the most delicious thing I have eaten while on it.

    So, the Maca Superfood Bar has raisins and dates in it? But the Maca Bites do not?

    • Avatar for Justin Darrow

      Justin Darrow


      Thank you for the comment! The Maca bar does have raisins and dates In the truffle, while the Maca Bite does not have a truffle.


  5. Avatar for Brendan


    As someone on a ketogenic diet, the hidden nugget that this bite only has 2 grams of carbs satisfies any sweet craving I have. I always like to eat one of these after lunch and I’m pretty happy with the results.

  6. Avatar for Joey Evans

    Joey Evans

    These are delicious, and people need to relax.. zero sugar..almost no carbs..just eat right most of the time and exercise and you won’t need to freak out if you put a bit of fun into your diet. Sheesh..people are soo over the top these days.

  7. Avatar for Heather


    I am working hard to wean myself from sugar, and these luscious little wonderful bits of delicious goodness have been key in helping me to do this. There’s some sort of magic in the balance of flavors. I’ve never had anything like this before, and it suits my needs perfectly.

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