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Maca Superfood Bar


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Maca Covered Chocolate Truffle

• Contains over 55 Phytonutrients!
Maca RootExplore the flavorful sensation of our Maca Bar’s warm nutty Andean Maca root enveloping a rich dark Ecuadorian chocolate fudge truffle, offering an unparalleled taste experience. Maca root is a Superfood found in the high Andes known for its ability to balance the endocrine system, increase strength and improve libido. From the moment it touches your tongue, the unique blend of raw cacao butter in concert with mesquite pod, sweet maca root and a hint of Himalayan-pink salt energizes your body. The powerful flavor of the coating, complemented by the sweetness of the truffle blended from low-glycemic dates and golden Hunza raisins, balance each other to offer a distinct taste that may redefine the look and taste of chocolate bars.

Ingredients found in the Righteously Raw Maca Bar are consciously sourced.

Additional Maca Bar Ingredients:

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink SaltThis unique form of salt is harvested as a pink crystal in the Himalayas from beneath the earth’s surface. It originated from primal seas millions of years ago and is cultivated in its pure crystalline form. Salt of this nature is different from refined table salt and is necessary for the body’s healthy function.

Organic Raw Raisins

Organic Raisins
These organic raw raisins are energy packed and also act as a great natural preservative.

Organic Raw Agave Nectar

Agave NectarThis low glycemic sweetener is both healthy and delightfully tasty. Due to its low glycemic index, it aids in the availability of good intestinal flora and has been recommended for diabetics. Traditionally cultivated by generations of native people, agave has recently gained popularity as a sweetener when people started looking for sugar alternatives.

Organic Raw Dates

Organic Raw DatesThese Middle Eastern dates are unique because their sugar is inverted, making them low glycemic and by far the best choice for diabetics. High in glucides and potassium, as well as vitamin B-6, pantothenic acid, niacin, copper, magnesium and iron.

Organic Raw Cacao

Cacao podsCacao is one of the leading antioxidant rich substances on the planet known today. It provides an abundant source of iron and magnesium, which support healthy heart function. There are also other chemicals in chocolate which give its reputation as a food associated with love. These include phenylethlamine, tryptophan, and anandamide, “feel good” chemicals that naturally occur in the brain and aid in one’s sense of well-being.

When the cacao beans are roasted, all the minerals and antioxidant flavonoids are damaged and unable to be absorbed by the body at their full potential. . As our name implies, we use only raw chocolate in its purest form – unheated, unprocessed and unadulterated.

Many people believe that chocolate is high in caffeine. On the contrary, Cacao only contains a fraction ( 0.2% ) of caffeine and is mainly composed of theobromine which has a similar stimulant effect as caffeine without the harmful side effects.

Organic Raw Mesquite Pod

Organic Raw Mesquite PodMesquite pod meal is a nutritious food ground from the bean pods of the mesquite tree. The entire mesquite pod is ground, including the protein-rich seed. This produces a meal that is highly nutritious as well as flavorful. This ground pod contains between 11 and 17% protein. Mesquite is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, protein, and lysine. It has a pleasantly sweet, molasses-like flavor and was traditionally made into porridge.

Organic Raw Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Beans
These aromatic Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla beans are ground whole and sun-dried to accentuate the flavor of the foods with which they are mixed.

All of our chocolate bars are certified to be Organic, Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten Free. They are made entirely from raw, high frequency foods and retain their raw state throughout the entire process from raw ingredients to finished product. No refined sugars are used and everything is processed in a nut free facility.

Righteously Raw Maca Label

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 10.125 × 13.33 × 7 cm

9 reviews for Maca Superfood Bar

  1. Avatar for Jhane

    Jhane (verified owner)

    I bought all the favors to try. The ingredients were exactly what I needed to change to a healthier lifestyle. Being a sugar junkie, it was hard to get used to at first so they sat in my fridge. My yoga teacher could only eat gluten free so I gave him some to try. He loved every flavor….so I tried them again and was surprised that eventually my memory of cane sugar subsided and I came to LOVE this Maca bar the most. It’s an acquired taste for sure but one well worth the effort.

  2. Avatar for nina


    this is a Delicious Bar!! I love chocolate and eat 70% dark and this bar has an abundance of delcious flavours that can be tasted as it dissipates in my mouth, as well as a very smooth texture. It is expensive for the size, but I would still buy it again.

  3. Avatar for jaynell


    THIS IS SOOOOO FREAKING GOOD!!!!! my roommate gave me a square of her bar and I had to get some the next morning. so complex in flavor and no guilt associated, omfg this is sooooo delicious. I cut out garbage cheap candy cause I was a pre diabetic sugar addict but this brand is so nutritionally sound and not at all too sweet

  4. Avatar for Alicia


    I cannot quite describe the wonderful taste of this amazing bar! Its rich, warm sweetness comes from dates, and its slight saltyness comes from pink salt. The texture of the chocolate and macca is infinitely satisfying. It’s a 21st century version of the raw chocolate that my Hippie parents used to buy at health food stores in the 70’s, but it’s also got a magical flavor combination that no other bar can match. I’ve given countless bars to friends and they agree: nothing else is quite like it!

  5. Avatar for Alie


    BEST BAR EVER!!!!!

    • Avatar for Brittany England

      Brittany England

      Thank you Alie!! We are glad you love the Maca bar 🙂

  6. Avatar for rach


    Wonderfully nourishing. Didn’t feel any sugar or chocolate hangover or sugar overdose i typically experience after a usual indulgence. Oddly satisfying and satiating!

  7. Avatar for Nancy


    I tried a tiny square today and couldn’t stop going “Mmm!”- I’m not that kind of person either.
    Cant wait to get more

  8. Avatar for Clara

    Clara (verified owner)

    I LOVE this chocolate bar!! For health reasons, I can’t eat any refined sugar anymore, which I thought would be incredibly hard. However, I just received your package and tried the Maca bar which is amazing and honestly much better than most of the chocolate I’ve had in the US! Thanks for prioritizing great quality, we need more companies like you!

    • Avatar for Justin Darrow

      Justin Darrow

      Thank you Clara, glad you loved the Maca bar 🙂

  9. Avatar for stephanie

    stephanie (verified owner)

    I am so in love with this chocolate and it has help me fight sugar cravings as well as hormonal balance. I have noticed after eating this chocolate my period will slow down <3 thank you so much

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