Righteously Raw ChocolateKnow the perfect store or shop to carry our chocolates? Refer us to them and get free chocolate if they place an order with us!

Fill out the form below and then the next time you’re at the store ask to speak with the buyer in charge of organic foods and tell them you’re looking for a place to buy Righteously Raw Chocolates. Give them our website address so they can contact us if they are interested (righteouslyrawchocolates.com). If you’d like a pamphlet to take them instead you can request it in the form below but to reduce the amount of paper consumed we prefer to use our website as much as we possible.

Using the information you provide we’ll contact the store as well so please include any contact information you have for the store. Contact us 30 days after you submit this form to find out if we got into the store and if we did we’ll send you all three of our newly released Bite Sized Raw Chocolates for helping us grow!

Fields marked with an * are required. The information you provide will only be used to identify and send chocolate to you if the store places an order. Your information will not be used for any other purpose and will never be sold or given to anyone for any reason.

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    We’ll send you all three of our newly released Bite Sized Raw Chocolates when we receive the first order from the store you refer us to.

    Thanks again for helping us grow.

    Thanks again for helping us grow.