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Just A Review & Giveaway: Chocoholics Beware: Righteously Raw- Organic Raw Cacao Bars

Tasting Righteously Raw Chocolate Bar

Don’t be jealous, you can get some of these Organic Raw Cacao Bars too, just read on and you might WIN a set of 5 bars just like I got.

If you have been a reader for any time at all, you would know that Alex and I are both Chocoholics, and we’re not recovering from it either. Alex’s taste of choice is Dark chocolate, nothing fancy, just chocolate. I on the other hand, prefer additional items in my bars. Jalapeno’s, bacon, even ants; I’ll try anything. So when I had the chance to review these 5 bars for EarthSource Organics, I jumped at the chance. Adrianne eating organic chocolate

I invited some help to my tasting party, we had Alina and Adrianne join Alex and myself. We broke small pieces off of each, tasted, then passed the bar. Alina liked the plain chocolate the best, Alex picked the Goji Berry, Adrianne picked the Caramel, I couldn’t decide between the Goji and the Rose. What we all agreed on was the quality of the bar itself, and how rich the chocolate tasted. The Goji was the first “filled” chocolate bar Alex has ever liked!

Earth Source Organics invites you to explore the taste delights of our Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars, which, even the discerning taste buds of a five year old considers candy. Our Righteously Raw Chocolate bars are made of raw, organic, healthful ingredients and without refined sugars or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). From the raw, unheated, unprocessed and unadulterated cacao (chocolate) to the varied and exotic fruits, berries, and other certified organic ingredients that fill them. A bite of one of our raw chocolate bars will assure you that you’re in for a unique and palate-pleasing taste treat.

What you can WIN!Each truffle is produced in our nut-free facility, guaranteed to be free of corn and soy, and fully certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. At Earth Source Organics, quality is about more than just certifications or stamps of approval; it’s about the dream of our founder and our entire staff’s dedication to help everyone on the planet by promoting vibrant health through exceptional foods.

Earth Source Organics was founded by Audrey Darrow on the premise that the food we eat is the essence of good health. A six-year survivor of breast cancer, Audrey discovered that the aftereffects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments were extremely devastating to the body and difficult to overcome. It became her mission to learn about healthy, high frequency foods and then educate the world about them.

All the ingredients found in Earth Source Organics foods are high frequency. All ingredients are obtained from only the highest integrity suppliers who have visited the sources of each ingredient and therefore know how they are grown, harvested and shipped.

Our main ingredients, Acai, Goji, Lucuma, and Maca, are all high integrity ingredients which come from native origins all over the world.

Earth Source Organics is one woman’s mission to help heal the world, connect everyone in spirit and raise the vibrations of those who eat her foods so that they might go on to heal others.

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