Tuesday, July 6, 2010 by Pamela Cook: SanDiegoHealthBuzz.com Post image for Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars Review

I’ve been so excited to post about my “raw chocolate experience. Although not new to the raw food diet (it’s been one year this month, wow), I’ve NEVER tried a raw chocolate bar until just recently.

I realize that many bloggers do product reviews, and giveaways galore, and I certainly didn’t intend to review a product in my 2nd blog post!

I unexpectedly stumbled upon the opportunity last week while shopping at my favorite organic market, Cream of the Crop in Oceanside (North San Diego County).

I shop there every week without fail, but this week I walked into – *gasp* – an entire table arrayed with samples of raw vegan chocolate bars!! Oh my!

The bars are called “Righteously Raw, produced by EarthSource Organics, located right here in San Diego County!

I began drooling immediately, and tweeted out news of the demo, after asking, “How long will you be here?” The rep saw me tweeting, and was like, “Who are you? What do you do?

I explained that I’m starting a health blog, and he asked if I’d review the bars in exchange for some free samples.

Twist my arm!

This may be commonplace to experienced bloggers out there, but entirely new to me. Of course I’d review them!

The love affair began.

Over the next several days, I took out my stash of 4 flavors, savoring each one, while reading descriptions in the brochure.

Righteously Raw Chocolates

The flavors are: Acai, Caramel, Maca, and Goji.


Righteously Raw Acai

The Acai bar is for dark chocolate purists. The Acai blends perfectly with the smooth rich raw cacao flavor, and subtly adds texture and dimension without detracting from the chocolate. The least sweet of the 4 flavors.


Righteously Raw Caramel

More dessert-like, this bar uses Lucuma to produce a caramel-like flavor. Not as sweet as the Maca bar, it will satisfy any dark chocolate lover with a 90% (wow!) cacao covering.


Righteously Raw Maca

Definitely the sweetest, the Maca bar, has an unusual texture and flavor. It leaves you feeling like you’re not just eating “candy, but a food. It is deeply satisfying and quickly addictive! It is a favorite of many athletes, according to the Earth Source Organics’ testimonials page.


Goji Bar

If you’ve never been able to appreciate goji berries plain out of the bag, give this bar a try. Also with a 90% cacao covering, this bar is all about the dark rich chocolate. The thing that amazed me about these bars is that, while not extremely sweet, the chocolate does not strike me as bitter. The flavor has more of a depth and creaminess to it (sort of like espresso – deep and dark, but not bitter).

I love the goji bar, because it feels like you are eating a “food, but satisfying your candy craving at the same time. Goji berries are high in protein, and enhance the immune system.

Stuff I never would’ve discovered about Righteously Raw if it weren’t for this review:

First of all, I previously would NEVER spend over $5 on a chocolate bar. I’m ultra-frugal. These bars at Cream of the Crop sell for $5.50, reportedly a buck cheaper than many other retailers! (Little did I know I’d be buying, soon).

I realized that these bars are far thicker and denser than they appear on the outside. They were so satisfying, that I could easily eat just 1/3 of the bar at a time and be satisfied. It wasn’t necessary to scarf the entire bar in one sitting.

The Buzz

I’d experienced the energy boost from raw vegan cacao in my smoothies, or the occasional cacao infused homemade dessert. But nothing compared to the buzz I felt after eating this chocolate. This sounds hokey, and I’d love to hear if others have experienced the same thing. I almost felt like I was vibrating! My mood was enhanced; I felt happy, alert, and alive. It’s something you have to experience to believe.

Had To Have It

It didn’t take me long to purchase my first bar. If asked, I would’ve said that the Caramel and Maca flavors were my favorite, but when faced with the choice to buy just one, I ended up with the Goji Berry flavor.

So pretty!

Goji Bar Wrapper

See how shiny and lusciously smooth this looks, unlike the ones in the pics above, which were slightly beat-up.

Goji Bar Lusciousness


Goji Bar Truffle

Apparently the EarthSource Organics facility is located right in my neck of the woods, just 20 min away in San Marcos, CA.

I feel so lucky to have such an amazing company in our community, spreading the word about raw food!

Here is a video interview with the founder, Audrey, who has battled breast cancer, and used her healing journey as an inspiration to start this company.