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Organic Raw Chocolates from Righteously Raw : Review & Giveaway!

Righteously Raw chocolates are made with only certified organic, raw, high frequency food ingredients. Up until now I had not heard the term “high frequency foods” but essentially they are ingredients from the earth that are naturally sourced, unblemished by processing or chemicals and are presented to us naturally. This goes right in line with the idea of “clean eating” which means eating REAL food! Sounds pretty simple, right? Righteously Raw chocolate goodies are also the following:

Raw Coconut CenterCertified Organic
Certified Kosher
Certified Vegan
Certified Gluten-Free
Soy Free and Non GMO
No Refined Sugars
Antioxidant Rich
Made in a Nut Free Facility

Pure ingredients and pure organic raw chocolate! As an organic-loving mama I couldn’t ask for more. I received their new Bite Size Raw Chocolates and 2 of their new Chocolate Dipped Macaroons. Righteously Raw’s mission of bringing you the darkest anti-oxidant rich cacao certainly succeeds with these decadent dark chocolate offerings.

bite size raw chocolate

Pure Dark (83% Raw Cacao) -Classically rich dark chocolate! Great texture, flavor, and so great for you! I think I enjoy dark chocolate most because you don’t crave more than just one square which means I want overdose on chocolate and feel sick later. It’s certainly true with these ones from Righteously Raw – one is enough!

Synergy Spice (80% Raw Cacao)- Spicy! This one will totally clear your sinuses! It’s tolerable for someone who can’t handle a lot of spice (like me!), but definitely packs a punch. You can thanks the Cayenne powder they added!

Divine Mint (82% Raw Cacao) – We didn’t like this one at all, sadly. As first is tasted similar to an Andes mint I remember as a kid. Then it turned bitter, chalky, and quite odd actually. Of course the bitterness in the dark chocolate doesn’t help (although I actually love dark chocolate!) but this one didn’t seem to have a good second half in your mouth.

package righteously raw chocolate

The macaroons are heavenly! There’s something about chocolate and coconut together that I just love more than anything. With a moist coconut mixture in the middle and a generous coating of 80% Raw Cacao, these are absolutely pine! I’m a bit sad I wasn’t sent a full bag size of these since they were gobbled up in a flash by my little family, but at least I got a bite and can tell how delicious these are! The coconut tones down the bitterness of the dark chocolate which in turn highlights the sweetness of the coconut and natural sweetners inside. These have Coconut Palm Nectar and Agave Nectar to sweeten them, with vanilla powder to give that classic blonde macaroon taste covered in rich, high quality dark chocolate.

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One winner will receive a full-size bag of Chocolate Dipped Macaroons!

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