What Sets Us Apart

The Righteously Raw Difference

  • We are meticulous

    …when sourcing our chocolate and ingredients and adhere to strict raw temperature standards. We temper our chocolate under 118 degrees to preserve as many vital nutrients as possible, and all our ingredients that we source are not processed or heated beyond this standard either.

  • We are quality conscious!

    When people think about Righteously Raw, we want them to picture and taste the highest quality ingredients, with the highest quality production and packaging, at the most affordable price we can offer it. We are constantly scouring the globe to find new and exciting superfoods that we can introduce to our customers and help them live healthy lives with some chocolate indulgence

  • Our products are produced and packaged ourselves

    …in our certified Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free facility. We are also free of many of the top allergens, including dairy, soy, and nuts (we do use coconut in our facility.) There is no shared equipment for packaging so you can rest easy that you will not be getting any cross contamination when buying Righteously Raw!

  • Every product you buy from us is hand-tempered

    …here in our facility in Vista, CA. All our truffles are hand-cut, not run through any machinery that may heat them over 118 degrees as we want to preserve the integrity of our ingredients. It’s a lot of work but we believe there is nothing else out there like our products and we hope you agree!

  • We are an employee focused company.

    There are many manufacturing companies out there that may do the bare minimum, but for us we believe that every one of our employees is vital to our company’s success. We offer every person here fully paid health insurance, 401k matching, vacation and sick pay, a stocked lunchroom, and more because we know that what we give, our employees will appreciate and be happy to continue making these awesome products!

righteously raw chocolate boxes