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Thank you for your interest in selling Righteously Raw Chocolate.  We offer 16 different SKU’s to our wholesale and distributor chocolate accounts, information on each can be found by browsing our site.  For any additional information or questions about wholesale chocolate, please reach out to Justin at [email protected]

Please submit the form below to contact us about establishing a wholesale or distribution account.

Note: You must have a tax ID number to establish an account with us to buy wholesale.

Please use the Contact Us form for general inquiries and comments.

Once your application is received we will review it as soon as possible and let you know if your account has been approved. Retailers are carefully selected and vetted to make sure our product is a good fit for your store.  If you do not currently sell any raw, organic or gourmet foods please take a few extra minutes in the form below when explaining how you plan to sell our chocolate bars.

Thank you!

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